Lab-tested artisan ceramics to uplift every culinary experience.

Design your own custom lab-tested dinnerware sets, bar sets and décor accessories. Interval crafts minimalist, durable and sustainable ceramics for top-tier restaurants and breweries.

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Nicole Glazer: Co-Owner at Graybarns

Experience interval. x Graybarns

We have loved working with interval. to manufacture a line of unique stoneware that is simultaneously durable, sustainable and design-driven. Customers are constantly amazed by the natural ease of each product, yet it's ability to stand up to the wear and tear of their daily lives. The interval. team gave us such attention to detail during the design process while meeting deadlines and operating with the utmost professional standards. 

Fernanda Tapia: Chef/Owner at Comedor

Experience interval. x Comedor

interval. delivers what few others brand can. Not only are their products beautiful designed and made, but they are enginereed to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen. In the past, we always had to settle for either inexpensive plates that broke regularly, or expensive heavy duty plates that were mass produced and found at many other restaurants. interval. designed the plates to match my food concepts and restaurant story. The plates are definitely a show stopper!

Collaborate with our team and design your own collection.

Select your clay color.

Select your glaze color.

Choose from our hand selected clays and glazes to define your unique texture and color combination.  Each piece follows our unique creative process that combines an agile and imaginative method.

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